Sew Much Comfort celebrated its 10th Anniversary, November 2014. We Thank all our volunteers, donors and partners for helping us provide FREE adaptive clothing and comfort accessories for our wounded heroes for the last 10 years.

We are extremely proud of our organization and the top quality adaptive clothing we deliver at absolutely zero cost to our wounded warriors. To date, our volunteers, donors and partners have made it possible for SMC to provide 141,846 (as of 2/28/2015) pieces of adaptive clothing. SMC continues to operate with a low administrative overhead of 2.2%!!! That means 97.8% of every dollar donated is being spent to provide FREE adaptive clothing to our Military.

It is heartwarming to know we continue to make a difference in the recovery of our wounded service members.

As a Soldier assigned to the US Army Warrior Transition Unit located at Ft Knox, KY, I just recently had surgery on my L shoulder to repair an injury I sustained during my deployment to Iraq. While I was somewhat anxious about undergoing the procedure, I was glad to put the pain and discomfort behind me. Thankfully the surgery went well and while I was in the recovery area I was given one of your company's t-shirts to put on. The nurse told me how you provide clothing for wounded service members. I was very moved by this and felt that the very least I could do was to express my sincere gratitude for what you guys do. As a company commander in theater I was very fortunate not to have any of my Soldiers suffer a severe injury, but if they had it is wonderful to know that their hardship would have been lessened even a little by the availability of your clothing items. You are true patriots for supporting us this way! - MAJ Fred Garcia

Sew Much Comfort will continue to support our service members for as long as they need us. We must never forget the service and sacrifice of our brave men and women who selflessly put their hopes and dreams on hold to defend our country.




Sew Much Comfort – CFC code #12289

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