About Us


Sew Much Comfort will proudly celebrate its 13th Anniversary November 2017. We could not have completed 13 years of service to our wounded if it wasn’t for our amazing volunteers and donors.  

We are extremely proud of all our volunteers and the top quality adaptive clothing we are able to deliver at absolutely zero cost to our wounded service members. It is because of your generosity and hard work that has enabled SMC to ship 156,379  pieces of adaptive clothing and comfort accessories.


Sew Much Comfort continues to operate with a low administrative overhead of less than 2%. That means 98% of every dollar donated to SMC is being spent providing FREE adaptive clothing for our wounded service members.


Our Mission

To provide custom-made adaptive clothing, free of charge, to all wounded service members from current conflicts and from all branches of the military and National Guard. We wish to aide in their recovery, provide a tangible reminder of our gratitude for their sacrifice and give them an added measure of comfort, dignity and freedom as they recover from their injuries and return to everyday life. Adaptive clothing accommodates their medical devices and situations, provides ease of use, increases personal independence and minimizes the visual impact of their injuries.


Sew Much Comfort is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization, tax ID #75-3178122

Sew Much Comfort formed in November 2004. SMC is flourishing due to its strong & committed support from our volunteers and donors.

We began in November 2004 and proudly celebrate our 13th anniversary. 

Sew Much Comfort has created adaptive clothing and comfort accessories to meet the unique needs of the wounded.  From the beginning of the design process we solicited input from the wounded and the medical staff to ensure that SMC clothing meets the broadest needs of the injured. 

Seamstresses use copyrighted instructions created by SMC to create our custom adaptive clothing. 

Sew Much Comfort provides adaptive clothing to all branches of the military and national guard serving in current conflicts. Because of the generosity of our seamstresses and donors, we can now proudly support all Veterans.

Sew Much Comfort is the only organization providing adaptive clothing at no cost to our wounded service members. 


Sew Much Comfort has provided 156,379 plus pieces of adaptive clothing to military hospitals in the United States, Germany, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Why We Do What We Do:

The battlefield survival rates have soared in the past decade because of critical advancements in military emergency care. Ninety percent of the 52,351 U.S. troops wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan have survived, largely due to breakthrough in causality care. But what they have not addressed is the clothing used to aide their recovery process.  Sew Much Comfort has stepped in to fill the void by providing FREE adaptive clothing to replace the ill-fitting and drafty hospital gown. Our adaptive clothing allows them to wear normal appearing clothing and provides them warmth, comfort and dignity as they recover from their injuries.

Many wounded military members arrive in the United States from Germany for extensive medical treatment for bullet wounds, burns, head and limb injuries and amputations, while many of our previously injured troops are still in the recovery process. These injuries require large fixator, prosthetics and casts that are too bulky to wear regular clothing. 

Most of all it gives them something to wear besides a hospital gown. Through our adaptive clothing we want to let wounded service members  know that their sacrifice has not been forgotten as the clothing is made from hundreds of volunteers across the USA who want to send a message "thank you for your service”, and that your sacrifice has not been forgotten."


How Does SMC Adaptive Clothing Benefit Our Troops?


We designed the garments to appear as normal civilian attire, and much warmer and less revealing than a hospital gown. 

Our clothing is simple construction with side seams fastened with a velcro closure system.

The open velcro seams allow easy access to injury sites of the patient, which makes our garments easy to put on and take off. Our clothing is constructed for ease of dressing, fostering self-care and allowing freedom of movement while providing the coverage of ordinary looking clothing.

 • The clothing is adapted from newly purchased garments and reflects current clothing styles.

All our clothing is new and current clothing styles.

Most of all, it gives wounded service members something much better to wear than a drafty, ill-fitting hospital gown. 

Sew Much Comfort wants to provide our wounded service members comfort and restore their dignity through the availability of our adaptive clothing. This is our way of thanking all service members for their courageous and honorable service to our country. 


If you would like to have adaptive clothing available at your medical facility please contact us.