Our Mission

To provide custom-made adaptive clothing, free of charge, to all wounded service members from current conflicts and from all branches of the military and National Guard. We wish to aide in their recovery, provide a tangible reminder of our gratitude for their sacrifice and give them an added measure of comfort, dignity and freedom as they recover from their injuries and return to everyday life. Adaptive clothing accommodates their medical devices and situations, provides ease of use, increases personal independence and minimizes the visual impact of their injuries.


Our Start

Sew Much Comfort began in November of 2004 by making a pair of fixator pants for a service member at Walter Reed.  The service member was brought to tears and was so grateful because he had not been able to wear any clothing for the past six months.  His heartwarming reaction of tears, gratitude and excitement motivated us to make more fixator pants. We had no idea when we began SMC that there was such a great need for adaptive clothing.   

We realized that there was a need for special clothing for the wounded. In December of 2004, we gathered a small group of seamstresses in Burnsville, Minnesota, to help sew for the troops. The hope was to make 100 pairs of fixator pants by spring 2005 and be done! However, the need for adaptive clothing grew, so they started a website to let others know what they were doing. SMC was featured in Sew News Magazine in March of 2005. We had an incredible  response from 500 seamstresses who wanted to volunteer to help sew adaptive clothing for our wounded service members. It became obvious that we were needed.  Applied for non-profit status in order to meet the increasing demands for adaptive clothing and to be able to accept tax deductible donations and manage the growing organization.  On June 30, 2005, Sew Much Comfort began as a 501c3 non-profit organization #75-3178122.

SMC set a milestone March of 2011 by delivering 100,402 pieces of adaptive clothing and comfort accessories.


Our Volunteers

Our volunteers remain the driving force behind our success. Their continued dedication and effort producing our adaptive clothing enables us to accomplish our mission.   

Today, Sew Much Comfort has  850 volunteers that operate across the United States and Germany.  Volunteers participate in a range of activities such as a seamstress, ambassador (deliver the adaptive clothing to military hospitals and checks their needs),  holding a fundraiser or clothing drive and donating monies so that we may continue our mission. Sew Much Comfort would not be starting its 11th year if it wasn’t for all our volunteers who continue to provide time, dedication and talent so that we can continue to provide quality adaptive clothing to our wounded service members, which improves the lives of wounded troops. With our dedicated volunteer seamstress’s and ambassadors we have established ourselves in the military community.  Many of our volunteer’s efforts have been featured in local newspapers and on the national news.