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Sew Much Comforts ability to provide FREE adaptive clothing and comfort accessories to wounded service members is directly tied to the support we receive from individuals and organizations who believe in our mission. Please help Sew Much Comfort will be able to continue to provide FREE adaptive (velcro closure) clothing to support the unique needs of our wounded service members from all branches of the military and National Guard.  To date there are 51,555 who have been wounded in current conflicts.

Please know that ever donation is greatly appreciated and every dollar is carefully spent. SMC continues to operate with low administrative overhead of 4.9%. That means 95.1% of every dollar donated to SMC is being spent providing FREE adaptive clothing for our wounded service members. 

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Sew Much Comfort is a not-for-profit organization under section 501(c)3 of the IRS code.  Donations are tax deductible to the maximum extent allowed by law.

Sew Much Comfort is kicking off “Project IPFU” (Improved Physical Fitness Uniform)

Red White and Blue

Sew Much Comfort has been asked by numerous Military personal to provide their service's physical training uniforms and have them adapted. Sew Much Comfort has recently received approval from the Military to purchase these IPFU uniforms (Improved Physical Fitness Uniform) and customize them for injured service members.  We are the only organization authorized to purchase and alter these uniforms, and the cost is great – as is the need.   Our adapted clothing has helped improve functionality for many injured service members over the years, and patients tell us, these IPFU uniforms will further offer them the sense of uniformity and belonging.  The funding would be used to purchase IPFU t-shirts and shorts. 


Cost per IPFU garment:

T-shirt $8.50 

Long sleeve t-shirt $11.25

Shorts $15.25