Thank you! Thank you so much for the adaptable clothing you provide to our wounded warriors at NNMC. My husband and I are so grateful such clothing exists. It helped us out tremendously during the first few weeks from his injury. Thank you for the wonderful work you do for the troops and their families and for what you have done for us.

See Our Clothes in Action

  • Soldiers wear our clothes.
  • Our adapted clothes help soldiers with external fixators.
  • Our clothes are shipped across the world, like here, Landstuhl, Germany
  • Viking and Packers fans can get along in our clothes.
  • A soldier receiving a Purple Heart wearing our clothes
  • Medevac patients are comforted by clothes like these.
  • A burn patient at BAMC
  • Our clothes help soldiers fit in again.
  • Walter Reed receives clothes from us and distributes them.
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