A HUGE thank you


Dear Sew Much Comfort,

A HUGE thank you for the amazing work you are doing for our injured heroes!!! Our son broke his right elbow and left wrist in Iraq, and was flown to Walter Reed Army Medical Center for surgeries. Our worries were for his recovery and how soon we could arrive to help him, and we had no time to think of practicalities like clothing. We were taken care of very well while at the hospital, and your adapted shirts were the biggest Blessings!! The last think a soldier wants is to wear a “gown” of any type, and I would hate to describe the useless clothing he arrived with from Iraq. Our son wanted some “real” shirts to wear while recovering, and we were so happy when someone brought a care package of your adapted shirts to his room. Our son was thankful for something to fit over his casts so he could look “normal” while he recovered!!!


Aside from the practical use of the shirts, I can’t begin to describe the boost it gave emotionally to know someone cares. When these young men and women realize their health, career, and entire future looks like it may be altered drastically, simply having a need met lifts the spirits more than words can describe. As you know, there are many members of the military with much more severe injuries who are unable to write a letter thanking you. I want you to know that from what I saw at Walter Reed, all soldiers and the families are very grateful for what your organization does to make their recovery a little less difficult.

Thank you so very much for blessing our son!! It’s wonderful to know your organization cares for our injured military!!