To all the ladies of SMC


Santa Ted and Mrs. Anne Claus are part of an organization called “Santa America” .  Through Santa America Ted and Anne visit the wounded at Portsmouth Naval Hospital in Virginia and are helping us deliver adaptive clothing.  

24 Sept 2012

Hi To all the elves at SMC.  This is Santa Ted and Mrs Anne Claus. As you may/may not, know that we are the Mr.&Mrs. for the Wounded Warriors at the Naval Hospital in Portsmouth Va.

We have had had two orders from your folks. Well the adaptive clothing went over very well. We just delivered order #2. There was a THANK YOU!!!!! Form the troops plus all the staff. For  Every thing that you folks do all we can say is THANK YOU!!!!  Mrs Claus and I are proud to deliver this clothing for you. We will look to see if we have any pictures that we can send you. If not We have a party set for the WW"s on 27 Nov, 2012. At this party we will try to put on a fashion show for you if we can.

Thank you for all you do.

Santa and Mrs. Claus