Sincerely Grateful


     As a Soldier assigned to the US Army Warrior Transition Unit located at Ft Knox, KY, I just recently had surgery on my L shoulder to repair an injury I sustained during my deployment to Iraq.  While I was somewhat anxious about undergoing the procedure, I was glad to put the pain and discomfort behind me.  Thankfully the surgery went well and while I was in the recovery area I was given one of your company's t-shirts to put on.  The nurse told me how you provide clothing for wounded service members.  I was very moved by this and felt that the very least I could do was to express my sincere gratitude for what you guys do.  As a company commander in theater I was very fortunate not to have any of my Soldiers suffer a severe injury, but if they had it is wonderful to know that their hardship would have been lessened even a little by the availability of your clothing items.  You are true patriots for supporting us this way!  - MAJ Fred Garcia