Ryan: Thank You.


Hello, my name is Ryan, and I am a Captain in the US Army who was injured in Iraq back in October of 2007. First I want to thank you for all you are doing for the many wounded soldiers out there, myself included.

In fact, after my injury which required external fixation, I received a large supply of your clothing, and would have had absolutely nothing to wear below the waist – LITERALLY – if it wasn’t for the incredible service you provide. I am almost ashamed of the fact that I never thought to go out and contact you to thank you for what you provided to me. After 8 months, that first Taylor Spatial Frame was removed, and healing looked promising...Unfortunately, two years later I am back at square on. In face where I originally had only a lower leg fixator, this frame extends down to my foot, and I have that large Ushaped frame around the foot making it virtually impossible to fit into non-modified clothing. Thankfully I had kept almost all of my adaptive sweats, breakaways, and boxer shorts. However, I am facing a dilemma - I have recently been invited to interview for a spot at a very prestigious business school. The dress code is therefore strictly business. Naturally, I have an excellent excuse to wear the breakaways and t-shirt has been my “fixator uniform” this time around as well as last. However, I feel that if I make the effort to dress appropriately it will show my commitment to going above and beyond. I am also assuming this will not be my last interview, and as such these will certainly get a number of uses out of them. Therefore, I am wondering if it is possible to have a pair of adaptive dress pants made a completely accessible to the left leg. Black or grey would be preferred. Even if it were something I would need to pay for I have no issues, and know either way I will be asking for donations from friends and family for all you have done for me!