As Sew Much Comfort is coming to a close, we have taken the Individual Order form off. With remaining stock, we will fill Hospital Orders the best we can. The last of the adaptive clothing will be sent the end of March, 2019.

We are so grateful for your help in distributing adaptive clothing – Thank you!!

To all our Veterans today and always, we extend heartfelt thanks for your selfless service and sacrifice to our country. We also want to thank your families who have made sacrifices so that you may serve. With heartfelt appreciation for your service.

Sew Much Comfort provides FREE adaptive clothing to support the unique needs of our wounded service members from all branches of the Military and National Guard serving in current conflicts and to Veterans of past wars. We are able to provide adaptive clothing because of the generosity of countless volunteers from all across the USA.

What is adaptive clothing?  The clothing we sew is made with side seams fastened with a velcro closure system. Our clothing gives medical personnel and service members the ability to have ready access to injuries utilizing the adaptive openings in our clothing. Our clothing allows injured service members to easily dress themselves and our clothing appears as normal civilian attire. The clothing is adapted from either store bought garments.

We have dress clothing available for when the service member gets further along in their recovery and able to go out.

We cannot reuse the clothing once it has been worn.  We suggest that you see if a local VA hospital can use them. 

Thank you to those that have or continue to distribute Sew Much Comfort adaptive clothing and comfort accessories.  We could not distribute our adaptive clothing without the help from our Ambassadors, Red Cross, Nurses, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and so many other talented and dedicated individuals. We are so grateful to all of you and appreciate your selfless commitment to honor and support our wounded during their recovery. We couldn’t be effective or accomplish our mission without your help.



  • Sew Much Comfort brings a smile to a veteran.
  • Sew Much Comfort provides clothes for soldiers wearing fixators
  • Adapted Packers and Vikings Clothing
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