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March 29, 2021

Best Sewing Machines For Beginners

Are you curious about sewing, but unsure where to start? Do you get intimidated by bulky and complicated sewing machines? You're not alone. Fortunately, there are plenty of sewing machines built for beginners. These machines make it easy, relaxing, and fun to learn.

We've compared some of the top sewing machines on the market. These are our biggest recommendations for beginners.

Best Sewing Machines For Beginners

#1. Ruifeng Sewing Machine for Beginners

Ruifeng Sewing Machine for Beginners

This is our top choice for beginners because it's portable, easy to use, and specifically designed for beginners. It's also suitable for both adults and children. The machine is outfitted with enough features to do many different projects, while still being more affordable than some of the more industrial-grade options on the market.

You can purchase the product in a medium or large size. We recommend the large size because it's still compact and portable, and it can handle more heavy-duty projects.

The entire machine weighs just 4.2 pounds. That makes it much more maneuverable than the bulkier old-fashioned options. It can sit on almost any surface without worrying about weight restrictions. And it's a lot less intimidating than a large machine!

You can use the machine in your office, your craft room, your living room, or your kitchen. Wherever you have space to mount it, you can get started.

A feature that will likely appeal to kids is the miniature sewing ability. If you're an adult who enjoys making small clothes for dolls and pets, you'll enjoy it as well. You can sew dresses for Barbie and for other dolls. It's also possible to make coats and jackets for your dolls.

The machine comes with 12 preset stitches. Since you don't have to configure the settings yourself, you can do a lot of different techniques without needing to learn the intricate step-by-step instructions. Various patterns can be sewn with ease.

There are also lights built into the product. These illuminate your work when you're working in dim lighting or at night. If you often work in dusky conditions, you'll appreciate the extra illumination.

The machine features a built-in thread cutter. This saves time, since you don't need to use scissors. It also allows you to get started without needing to invest in a good pair of sewing scissors.

The double thread design creates firm stitches, more sturdy and durable than hand sewing. There is also support for reverse stitching, so you can reinforce your stitches even more. An automatic winding device will wind your bobbin, so you don't have to do it yourself or waste thread.

You can choose between two different speeds as you work. The faster speed is good for lightweight and thin cloth. It allows you to stitch your projects efficiently. The slower speed works for tougher fabrics, allowing you to stitch even the heaviest materials.

There are also two power modes. You can connect the machine to power indoors, or you can use it with battery power outdoors. It's possible to choose between two operating modes, a switch and a foot pedal. You can use whichever one works for you depending on the day.

On one side of the machine, you'll find a miniature drawer. This allows you to store your needle, thread, and other small materials.

The built-in stitches come with overlocking and buttonhole techniques, which increases the number of projects you can do. You can also sew both straight and curved lines.

  • The machine is built for beginners with 12 preset stitches, the ability to sew complex lines, and automatic thread winding.
  • There is a small storage drawer for your thread, needle, and other sewing supplies.
  • The machine can be operated indoors and outdoors, and it's super lightweight and portable.
  • Since it's a small model, it might not be large enough to efficiently handle big sewing projects.

#2. Magicfly Portable Sewing Machine

Magicfly Portable Sewing Machine

This portable sewing machine is another great choice for beginners. In addition to having twelve built-in stitches, it also allows for reverse sewing. The package comes with an accessory kit, so you have everything you need to get started right away.

The stitch patterns include zigzag stitches, curved stitches, straight stitches, and other patterns. You can adjust the knob to whichever stitch you need for a particular project. Since it's so easy to move between different stitches, you can do complicated projects and maneuvers right away.

The accessory set contains versatile tools to help you get started. These tools will also assist you if the sewing machine jams or breaks down. There are buttons, zippers, and invisible zippers. You also get three replaceable presser feet to improve your efficiency.

The accessories don't end there. Also included is a tape measure and a total set of spool accessories, so you can be more precise and organized. The package also includes an expansion table, which makes it much easier to sew large swaths of fabric.

The machine comes with three different types of needle and thread. You can switch between them based on the thickness of the fabric. One works on lightweight fabrics, one on medium fabrics, and one on dense fabrics that are more than two millimeters in thickness.

The design makes it easy to operate, even if you've never touched a sewing machine before. There is a threading guide printed directly on the body. This shows you exactly how to thread the machine. You will also get an instructional guide and videos showing you how to operate it.

Even when you become more advanced in your sewing, this machine will still serve you well. It's built for use by both beginners and experts. The size is small, and there's a carrying handle to make transportation easy.

The machine functions with an electrical cord or with battery power. This means that you can use it even in places where you can't connect to an outlet.

  • The accessory kit has everything you need to get started, plus some tools for easier use.
  • The machine is super simple to use even if you've never used one before, and it comes with operational videos.
  • There are three different needles that can puncture everything from the lightest to the thickest fabrics.
  • If you already have a sewing kit, you might not find the accessory kit to be worth it.

#3. Enjoylf Mini Sewing Machine with DIY Materials

Enjoylf Mini Sewing Machine with DIY Materials

This miniature sewing machine is designed for children who are just beginning. It comes with a variety of DIY materials. In addition, it's one of the most inexpensive options on the market, so it's a great choice for people who aren't sure they want to commit to their new hobby.

You can purchase the machine with or without an extension table. We recommend getting the extension table. This elongates the surface of the machine, which makes it easier to work with large and unwieldy swaths of fabric.

The machine can be easily operated. It comes with two speeds, high and low. The low speed is great for beginners who are still getting used to how the machine works. The high speed is ideal for more practiced people who want to do their projects more efficiently.

Though the machine is designed with kids in mind, it also works well for adults. It's a good gift idea if you have a crafty friend or relative.

The sewing machine operates with electric power. It has a foot pedal and built-in lamp. The lamp illuminates your work even in dim rooms, so you don't have to worry about your eyes being damaged. Also built in is a thread cutter, so you don't need an additional pair of scissors.

The machine has a specially designed cuff slot. This allows you to sew pant legs and shirt sleeves with ease. If you've wanted to sew your own clothes, this is one of the best options on the market to get started.

In addition to making it easier to work with large fabrics, the extension table increases the stability of the machine. You can work with a greater degree of accuracy and fewer accidents. It's good for DIY decorations, clothes mending, and other projects.

The package comes with a sewing kit that includes multiple DIY materials. If you haven't been sure where to start when getting sewing supplies, this is a helpful all-in-one purchase. It has needles, scissors, a tape measure, thread, bobbins, and even practice fabric.

Children can use the DIY materials and included instructions to practice. Everything necessary to make a dust cover is included. In addition to being good practice, the dust cover will protect the machine from dust and spillage.

Every purchase comes with a three month warranty. If you run into any problems, you can get a repair or replacement. The customer service team responds to every email they receive within 24 hours, and they work hard to resolve potential issues.

You can operate the machine using a power cord or using four AA batteries. Note that the batteries aren't included in the package. It's easy to rewind your bobbins by using the included winding pole.

The machine can sew relatively light and relatively heavy materials. However, it will damage fabrics that are too lightweight, and it won't be able to penetrate fabrics that are too heavy.

  • A practice kit of DIY materials and instructions is included, which is a great project for beginners.
  • This is one of the most affordable options that still has everything you need in a sewing machine.
  • The design is easy to operate and can run on electric or battery power.
  • It's not versatile enough to handle very lightweight or very heavy fabrics.

#4. Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine

Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine

Brother is well known for making the best sewing machines on the market. Everyone from hobbyists to seamstresses to fashion designers loves their versatility and durability. This lightweight machine is a great choice for beginners and experts alike.

Unlike the other options so far, the Brother machine has a whopping 27 stitches. That's more than twice as many as the dozen stitches of the previous machines. It also comes with a full set of features, so you can do a wide variety of complicated projects.

In addition to basic stitches, the 27 built-in stitches include zigzag, stretch, blind hem, and decorative options. You can also use a buttonhole stitch, which automatically sizes the hole based on the fabric.

The machine is equipped with an automatic needle threader, so you don't need to worry about setup. You can also drop the bobbin in through the top, which makes setup even easier. The combination of threader and drop-in bobbin make this a superior jam-free experience.

Several accessories are included as well. There are six sewing feet in the package, so you have multiple replacements. The three-piece needle set has different sizes that can handle any fabric thickness. There are also four bobbins included along with a twin needle that automatically reinforces your stitching.

You'll receive an operator's manual that tells you everything you need to know about the features and how to use the machine. There's also an instructional DVD that gives you hands-on instructions for using it. Even if you have no prior experience with sewing machines, this one is so easy to learn that you don't need to be intimidated.

The free arm design of the machine is versatile enough to use on both basic and advanced projects. Experts and beginners alike can benefit from the convenience.

Brother also offers a lifetime of technical support to everyone who makes a purchase. You can contact the technicians through email, the phone, or live chat. They can address any questions, concerns, or issues regarding the machine.

  • The machine threads automatically, and all you have to do is drop the bobbin in the top for a jam-free experience.
  • There are a whopping 27 stitches and 3 different needles, so the machine can handle even complex projects.
  • An instructional guide and DVD teach you everything about operating the machine, so it's great for beginners.
  • The extra stitches might not be necessary if you're not planning to do any complex sewing projects.

#5. KPCB Sewing Machine for Beginners

KPCB Sewing Machine for Beginners

This is a simple, affordable sewing machine with everything a beginner needs to get started. It has 12 built-in preset stitches. You can also use the reverse stitch feature to reinforce your work as you go.

The product is specifically engineered for beginners. As such, it comes with the materials necessary to do tutorial DIY projects. When you learn to use the machine, you'll follow step-by-step instructions to turn these materials into finished pieces.

This hands-on approach will appeal to tactile learners. If you're more comfortable "doing" than listening or reading, this is a great machine to start with. You'll get to dive right in and start using the functions to do creative work.

The tutorial materials include a zipper pouch of fabrics. There is also a measuring tape, pair of scissors, needle threader, seam ripper, thimble, zipper foot, and six needles. You even get 16 metal bobbin colors and 16 plastic bobbin colors.

The reverse function can be used to finish a project without needing to realign your fabric. This can help beginners to avoid potentially costly mistakes.

The 12 built-in stitches include four straight options, four zigzag options, two buttonhole options, an overedge stitch, and a blind hem stitch. These basic stitches can handle the majority of your day-to-day needs when sewing clothes, hemming curtains, and mending torn fabrics.

The machine has both a foot controller and an adapter. It runs on electric power for maximum efficiency. There are also two different speeds to choose from. Beginners can work with the slower speed to get used to the process, while more advanced users can use the higher speed for extra efficiency.

This is a compact model with a carrying handle on top. It is highly portable, though it lacks the battery operation capacity of some other choices. The automatic rewind makes it easy to keep your thread tangle-free. There is also a tension dial to measure your thread's tension.

A cuff slot makes it easy to sew pant legs and sleeves. The side of the machine has a built-in drawer where you can stow the needles and thread for your current project, although it is relatively small. There is a light that illuminates your work in the darkness, so it's a good choice for people who often work at night.

  • The twelve basic stitches can handle the majority of basic to moderate DIY and mending projects.
  • There are many convenience features like a light, tension measurer, built-in cutter, storage drawer, cuff slot, and automatic rewind.
  • The product comes with a full accessory kit including 32 total bobbins with different colored thread.
  • The machine is electric powered only, so there is no way to use battery power when you're away from an outlet.

#6. Aonesy Portable Sewing Machine

Aonesy Portable Sewing Machine

This electric sewing machine from Aonesy is slightly pricier than most of the others, but it is outfitted with features that make the cost worth it. It's designed specifically for beginners and children, with 12 total stitches and two speeds to choose from. You can control it easily with a foot pedal.

One fun note is that the machine is available in multiple colors. You can choose from pastel pink, pale purple, and sky blue. The base is always white, but the knobs and accents will reflect your color of choice.

The product is lightweight, coming in at 5.48 pounds. While it's not the lightest on the list, it is still extremely portable and easy to carry. The compact size is built for easy projects.

In addition to the foot pedal, the machine is equipped with a thread cutter, threader, and an LED light. There's no need for scissors, and threading doesn't have to be a hassle. The LED light helps you see what you're doing even when the room is dark.

The design is super simple, so it's great for people who haven't used a sewing machine before. You can sew lightweight materials like silk or thick materials like denim. The built-in stitches include buttonholes, blind hems, decorations, zigzags, and straight options.

It can also be used by more advanced sewers. Once you improve your skills, you can use the machine to work on larger and more complicated projects. It's an especially good choice if you need to carry your sewing machine around with you instead of setting up a workstation at home.

An electric power adapter is included. You can use this to plug the machine into a power outlet. The manufacturer notes that you should always double-check that the machine is switched off before you plug it in.

The package comes with the machine itself, a foot pedal, a thread cutter, a power adapter, four needles, and four thread bobbins. You also get a user manual that teaches you about the different stitches and uses of the machine.

Reverse stitching is easy on this machine. All you have to do is press a button. The needle will then make reinforcement stitches in the other direction. You can do this at the beginning and end of each row to prevent potential unraveling.

A cuff notch makes it easy to sew and repair pant legs and sleeves. The motor runs on two speeds, so you can pick which suits you best based on your comfort and the complexity of the project. You'll control the machine using the foot pedal.

There is also a tension adjustment knob that you can use to control your stitches. The higher the number, the tighter the thread will be. The tightness of your thread has a big impact on the final results.

  • The machine comes with everything you need to get started and is super convenient to use.
  • The package comes with extra needles, thread bobbins, a thread cutter, and a comprehensive user manual.
  • The 12 stitches can handle the majority of basic and intermediate sewing projects around the house.
  • It's not as affordable as some other options with similar feature sets.

Final Thoughts

Our top recommendation is the Ruifeng machine. This machine is built specifically for beginners. It comes with a dozen preset stitches that allow you to repair fabrics, sew clothes, and do other projects. The LED lights illuminate your work at night. You can also choose whether to use the product indoors or outdoors thanks to the multiple power sources.

Another great choice is the Magicfly Portable machine. Like the previous option, this machine can be operated with a battery or an electrical cord. It also has three different needles, so it's the best for tackling heavy-duty fabrics like denim and suede.

If you're looking for an affordable option, we recommend the Enjoylf machine. It has all the components you need to sew at a fraction of the cost of an industrial option. It even includes the materials necessary to do a practice DIY project. Just be aware that it won't be able to handle the most heavy-duty and lightweight fabrics.

If you want a machine that's easy to use but capable of doing advanced projects, we recommend the Brother option. This sewing machine is favored by elite fashion designers and sewing professionals. It has 27 stitches and an automatic threading mechanism, so you can complete even the most complex patterns with ease.

For an option that comes with a lot of thread, we recommend the KPCB machine. It has 32 total bobbins of different-colored thread. This machine is also outfitted with a variety of convenience features, and it's powerful enough to handle the majority of your home projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What size sewing machine is best for a beginner?

Sewing machines are available in a wide range of sizes. The right one for you will vary depending on your needs. There isn't one single size that's "right" for every beginner.

Some models are compact and portable. These lightweight options are great for people on the go. Other models are larger. These tend to be more heavy duty, and they're good at handling large projects like quilting.

Small models take up less space. Large models can handle more industrial-level projects.

2. What features do sewing machines have?

Different sewing machines have different features.

Some machines might include accessory kits, thread cutters, and presser foots. Some machines might have dual power sources, meaning they can run on batteries or an electric cord.

One convenient feature is self-threading. When a machine is self-threading, you don't have to worry about getting the thread through the needle every time.

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