March 30, 2021

Best Sewing Tables

Do you need a new table for your sewing machine? The best sewing table will be sturdy, sized for your space, and dependable. Many also come with storage options to hold the scraps of your projects. The right one for you will vary depending on your needs.

We've taken a look at some of the best sewing tables on the market. These are our top recommendations.

Best Sewing Tables

#1. Sew Ready Eclipse Sewing Craft Table

Sew Ready Eclipse Sewing Craft Table

This versatile option can be used as a sewing table, craft table, or computer desk. In addition to having a large surface to mount your sewing machine, it also has several drawers that you can use to hold your projects.

You can purchase the table with one drawer, three drawers, or no drawer. It is also available in a variety of color combinations to suit your interior decor. The black and white table is a sleek, modern addition to any crafting room.

The table features a drop-down platform that can be lowered to hold your sewing machine or keyboard. It can also be raised to the surface of the table for maximum versatility. Since the platform is adjustable, you can shift it to your sewing machine's base.

There is a perforated storage shelf underneath the table. This allows you to store your fabrics, sewing materials, thread, scraps, and other odds and ends. Since the container is open, you can always see exactly what you're looking for.

The drawers can be used to hold additional supplies. If you use the table as a writing desk, the drawers can hold your papers, writing utensils, and ink.

Each package comes with six floor levelers. If your floor surface is uneven, you can use these to level the base. That way, you don't have to worry about wobbling or instability. That's extremely important when you're working with a sewing machine.

The maximum weight capacity for the top is 100 pounds, so it can easily accommodate even a bulky sewing machine. The adjustable platform and side shelf can accommodate 25 pounds. You can fold the side shelf when not in use, which makes it much easier to save space.

You can use this piece as a computer desk, sewing table, and crafting table. It's a very versatile piece of furniture that will make a great addition to your home office or crafts room.

  • The open under-desk container and three drawers let you store items for your projects.
  • You can adjust the height of the adjustable platform to the base of your sewing machine.
  • There are six adjustable levelers that let you stabilize the table on uneven ground.
  • It may be a little too bulky for people with limited storage space, though the folding shelf helps mitigate this.

#2. Sauder Select Collection Sewing and Craft Table

Sauder Select Collection Sewing and Craft Table

This sewing table is meant to be a portable alternative to normal tables. It is mounted on rolling wheels, which allow you to move it easily from place to place. If you teach classes at a school or community center, you might appreciate this feature.

You can purchase the table in a dark cinnamon cherry or a bright white finish. Either one might suit your interior decor. This is a relatively heavy option, coming in at 83 pounds, but the wheels make it very easy to maneuver.

Every model is crafted from engineered wood and manufactured in the US. If you prefer natural materials to plastics and synthetics, this is a good choice. There is also a drop leaf, which gives you extra surface space during work and minimizes surface space for storage.

The table is outfitted with a roll-open door. Behind the door is a storage space that includes a sewing machine shelf and two bins. These can hold your fabrics, sewing kit, patterns, scraps, and other materials.

The shelves behind the door are adjustable, so you can change them to suit your storage needs.

The surface itself is made of melamine. This coating is resistant to scratches, stains, and heat. You don't need to worry about spills or glue gun mishaps. The table will remain in pristine condition through many sewing and craft projects.

There is some assembly required. You shouldn't need more tools than a hammer and basic screwdriver. The award winning customer service team is always available to answer your questions and address any concerns, so you can get help with the installation if need be.

Sauder is an American company based in the Midwest. They have been in business since the Great Depression. All products are still manufactured in the US, with most of them coming out of the same family-owned plant in Ohio.

Engineered wood is an environmentally friendly material. It is made out of trimmings and post-mill leftovers, so nothing goes to waste. In addition, the manufacturers convert sawdust to electricity, so the entire process generates power. Whatever waste remains is used for sustainable projects like animal bedding.

  • The rolling casters allow you to move the table from room to room, so it's great for schools and community centers.
  • The engineered wood material is environmentally friendly, strong, and scratch-resistant.
  • There are two storage bins, two adjustable storage shelves, and a hidden shelf that you can use to store your sewing machine.
  • The table is fairly heavy and requires some assembly, so you'll need to be willing to put it together.

#3. Kealive Foldable Sewing Table

Kealive Foldable Sewing Table

This foldable sewing table from Kealive is one of the best choices for people with limited space. It's made of wood and weighs 42 pounds. You can order it in a traditional brown or in a creamy white.

The craft table has an adjustable shelf under the desk. You can shift it to suit your storage needs. There are also three open trays that can be used to organize your sewing and crafting supplies. You'll always be able to see what you need at a glance.

The surface area has plenty of space for you to mount your sewing machine, basket, and thread. You'll still have room left over to work. It's easy to spread your projects out and get comfortable as you move.

When you aren't using the surface space, you can fold it down. This turns the table into a storage cabinet that can be easily stored. You're not constantly bumping into the tabletop when you move around.

The table is made from durable wood and built for maximum stability. It provides a convenient surface for your sewing and crafting needs. The paint is non-toxic, and the table has a coating that makes it moisture proof. There's no need to worry about staining, warping, or swelling with spills.

The bottom of the table is outfitted with five casters, so you can easily move it from place to place. The casters lock for maximum stability. In addition, the wheels prevent you from scratching or damaging your floors as you move the furniture.

The simple design works well regardless of your interior decor. You can use the table for your sewing projects, but it also works well as a storage cabinet. Some assembly is required, but it tends to be quick and easy.

This option also comes with a worry free guarantee from the manufacturer. After your purchase, you will have 12 months of after-sales service. If anything goes wrong with the table, you can get a repair or replacement. There is also a lifetime of customer support and technical service available.

  • The table is made of durable wood and has five locking casters for maneuverability.
  • There is an adjustable shelf and three trays for storage.
  • When not in use, the surface folds down into a compact storage cabinet.
  • The storage space isn't as robust as with some other options.

#4. Costway Adjustable Sewing Craft Table

Costway Adjustable Sewing Craft Table

This table was specifically made to accommodate a sewing machine. At the same time, it is a multifunctional desk that can work as a crafting, study, and computer table. The sleek white finish and black frame make this a modern piece for any home.

The table is constructed using a MDF board, which is an extremely durable material. The surface is made from PVC. Meanwhile, the frame is built from coated steel tubes. This creates a piece that will last for years to come.

The surface can hold a maximum of 132 pounds. In addition, the desk comes with six floor levelers that can be used to stabilize the legs. You don't have to worry about wobbling on uneven ground.

The spacious worktop is suitable for your crafting projects. There is also a closed drawer designed for non-woven fabrics. Below that are two open shelves that can hold bins or loose items. A much longer shelf runs along the bottom of the table.

You can easily stow your fabrics, patterns, scraps, and sewing kit. The shelves are also adjustable, so you can move them to fit your keyboard or sewing machine as need be.

The table surface has a drop-down platform that can be adjusted to six different positions. You can choose the level based on the size of your sewing machine. It's easy to align the machine to the tabletop, so working with large fabrics is effortless.

The modern style and X-shape allow the table to blend with your interior decor. It's a great choice for small flats and apartments. You can use it as an office desk in addition to a sewing desk.

All necessary accessories come in the package. There are detailed instructions to walk you through the assembly. Completing the installation only takes a few minutes. Once you've assembled the table, the surface can be easily cleaned. You just need to wipe it down with a damp cloth.

  • The sturdy design is made from durable materials and has levelers for stabilization.
  • All assembly tools are included along with a detailed instructional guide.
  • There are three storage shelves, a dedicated drawer for fabrics, and an adjustable drop shelf for your sewing machine.
  • Since there aren't wheels, this isn't the most portable option on the list.

#5. NSdirect Sewing Table

NSdirect Sewing Table

This sewing table can be purchased in black or white to meet your interior decorating needs. It is crafted from engineered wood and weighs 52 pounds. The casters on the bottom make it easy to maneuver from place to place, so it's a good option for people seeking portability.

The design comes with a shelf that can hold baskets, bins, and loose items. There are also three bins that can be used to organize your sewing supplies. When not in use, the table folds for easier and more compact storage. It has twice as much surface when unfolded.

The shelf is adjustable as well. This means that you can raise it up while you're working. When you're not, it can be folded down. You have ample work space for large projects, but you don't take up too much room.

The cart is extremely durable and stable. It has five swivel wheels that make transportation easy, but these can be locked for more precise placement.

Assembly is easy. The package comes with an instruction manual and all of the hardware you need to put the table together. You don't have to worry about a frustrating or time-intensive process.

Each purchase comes with a year-long warranty. If you have any problems, you can have the table repaired or replaced. You also get a lifetime of customer support. Customer service representatives will respond to your queries within 24 hours to resolve any questions or concerns.

The table is finished with a smooth, waterproof coating. It's extremely easy to clean using a damp cloth. You don't need to worry about stains or spills. The wheels protect the floor from potential damage during movement.

  • There are three bins, a shelf, and a folding surface space for maximum storage.
  • The locking wheels allow for maneuverability, while the overall design is super stable and durable.
  • The waterproof finish is stain-resistant and easy to clean.
  • It's not the lightest option on the list, so if you're looking for something lightweight, you might want to check out one of the other rolling tables.

#6. Albott Sewing Table Craft Cart

Albott Sewing Table Craft Cart

This table is a great choice for anyone who wants a sewing table with a lot of extra storage space. It also has lockable casters, so you can wheel it from room to room. When you have it in position, you can lock the wheels so that the table stays in place.

You can purchase the table in either brown or white. It is crafted from wood, but it's less heavy than the previous option, weighing just 43 pounds. If you want a lighter option that doesn't use synthetics or plastics, this is a good option.

The table is designed for multiple uses. You can use it as a crafting and sewing table, as a bookshelf, and as a storage space for all your odds and ends.

The desk comes with three hidden storage bins. These can be used to hold your fabrics, patterns, thread, needles, and other sewing items. You can also store writing utensils, paints, and other crafting supplies. It's easy to keep your things organized.

There is also a long shelf. This can be used for storing books, bins, and other materials. Both the containers and the shelf are open, so you can always see what you need at a glance.

The adjustable surface space can be raised when you're writing, crafting, reading, and sewing. When you're not using it, you can fold the board instead. This turns the table into a cabinet cart that can be easily moved and stored.

The folding design makes this one of the most convenient options for storage. It's a good choice if you're working with limited space. The sideboard is outfitted with a foam sticker that prevents wear, and a metal plunger makes the adjustment easy.

The table is crafted from selected wood. It is built to be durable and sturdy, with five wheels that allow for easy maneuvering. The simple wooden design is great for people who like rustic and vintage interior decorating.

  • The storage options include three bins and a shelf, so you can store all of your sewing equipment.
  • The sturdy table is mounted on five wheels and locks in place when you're ready to work.
  • When not being used, the table folds into a compact cabinet for easy storage and transportation.
  • There isn't a storage space made specifically for your sewing machine.

Final Thoughts

Our top overall pick is the Sew Ready Eclipse table. This sewing table has a platform that you can adjust to the base of your machine. It also has multiple drawers and open storage space, allowing you to keep track of your projects. The stabilizers let you level the base on uneven ground.

If you want an environmentally sustainable option that's manufactured in the US, we recommend the Sauder table. This table is crafted from engineered wood. The sawdust is used to make electricity, and any extra waste goes into animal bedding. It's mounted on wheels for easy portability and has a scratch-resistant, heat-resistant surface.

As long as you know what you're looking for, you should be able to find a sewing table to suit your needs. Keep in mind the portability, size, and storage you have in mind. Also keep in mind how easy your sewing projects will be when using the table.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What materials are best for a sewing table?

Sewing tables can be made out of a variety of different materials. Many have frames and surfaces that are made from different materials.

Plastic and synthetic materials are the most lightweight. These tend to be relatively durable. However, they aren't as durable or stable as metal and wood, so they might buckle with time or wobble.

Some tables are made entirely from wood. Wood is a convenient material that's easy to match to your home decor. Engineered wood is an environmentally friendly option that uses specially-designated pieces of wood.

With that said, wood tends to be heavy. Some tables use a wooden surface but have plastic or metal frames.

Steel frames are the strongest, at least when they're made from solid steel. Hollow steel is more likely to buckle over time. With steel and other metals, you might need to take care to prevent rust from building up as time goes on. Solid steel is also even heavier than wood.

Regardless of the surface material, your table should be treated with a scratch-resistant coating. This will save you a lot of headache as you sew. If it's also water-resistant, it will be much easier to clean.

2. What does a sewing machine platform do?

Some sewing tables are outfitted with a platform for the sewing machine. When you use this, you can lower your machine until the needle is level with the table surface. This makes it much easier to do heavy-duty projects and use large amounts of fabric.

An ideal platform will be adjustable. That way, you can change it to accommodate the base of your sewing machine model. Different models have different base sizes.

Not everyone will need a platform on their sewing machine table. It's convenient, but it isn't a must. The feature works best for professionals and hobbyists who spend a lot of time on sewing.

Sometimes the platform can also be used as a keyboard holder. If you want to use the table as a computer desk, you can.

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