March 29, 2021

Sewing Cabinets

Are your sewing projects constantly getting out of hand? Do you feel like you just don't have enough space for all of your fabrics? A sewing cabinet might be the answer to your problems.

Sewing cabinets have storage spaces to hold your patterns, fabrics, thread, needles, fabric scraps, and other items. They also have a surface that makes it easy to work on your sewing projects.

We've taken a look at some of the best sewing cabinets available. The right one for you will vary depending on your needs. These are our top recommendations.

Best Sewing Cabinets

#1. Sewing Machine Table Folding Cabinet

Sewing Machine Table Folding Cabinet

This cabinet is our top recommendation because of its versatility. The lockable casters allow you to maneuver it from place to place without needing to lift, while there is ample surface for sewing. You can fold the table when it's not in use, allowing it to be used as a more compact storage cabinet.

You can purchase this option in either white or brown. It is crafted out of sturdy wooden materials. The table folds in half, so you get double the surface when you're using it as a workspace. The compact design makes it a great choice for small apartments and crafting areas.

The tabletop can hold your sewing machine and in-progress sewing materials. There are also three bins that allow you to organize and store all of your items. Underneath the table is an L-shaped shelf. This shelf has more storage area than most competing models, and you can easily place your fabrics there.

Since the model is mounted on wheels, you can move it from your bedroom to your office area with ease. It's versatile enough to be used as both a bedside table and a crafting station. If you need a computer desk, this cabinet can function as that too.

The durable wood material will last for years. The wheels are mounted using sturdy metal hinges. The surface has been treated with a waterproof coating, so you can easily clean it, and you don't have to worry about stains or spillage.

The elegant and simple design works well with a variety of home decor. Whether you prefer modern or rustic furnishings, this table can fit right in.

  • The surface folds in half for easy storage, while the three bins and L-shaped shelf allow maximum item storage.
  • The wheels allow you to move the cabinet from room to room for maximum versatility.
  • The durable wood material has been treated with a waterproof coating to resist liquid damage.
  • Since it weighs 52 pounds, it's not the most lightweight cabinet choice on the market.

#2. Sauder Sewing and Craft Cart

Sauder Sewing and Craft Cart

This sewing and craft cart from Sauder comes in a soft white color. It's a perfect choice to brighten your interior space. The design is mounted on casters for easy maneuvering, and it has three storage doors.

The drop leaf gives you extra space to work when you're in the middle of a project. Once you're finished, you can fold it to store the cabinet more compactly. The surface has also been coated with melamine, which is stain, scratch, and heat resistant.

The rolling door allows you to access extra storage space. There is a hidden shelf that can accommodate your sewing machine, plus two extra storage bins. Another rolling door reveals two adjustable shelves. You can alter these to suit the size of your objects.

The cart is very stable. It also provides extra support for your stored items. Since the shelves have backing, you don't need to worry about things being pushed onto the floor.

  • The durable design has a heat-resistant surface and lockable caster wheels.
  • There's a shelf for your sewing machine, two adjustable shelves, and two storage bins included for maximum organization.
  • The drop leaf allows you to maximize surface area when working, and then turns into a compact cabinet when not in use.
  • It's one of the pricier options on the list.

#3. Arrow K8611 Aussie II Kangaroo Sewing Cabinet

Arrow K8611 Aussie II Kangaroo Sewing Cabinet

This item is significantly more expensive than the others on the list, but there's a reason for that. It is one of the highest quality sewing cabinets money can buy. As such, it's best for serious hobbyists and professionals.

The design includes a rolling caddy, which allows you to easily transport the cabinet from place to place. You can place the caddy on one of two locations at the front of the cabinet for maximum maneuverability. When not being used, the caddy tucks easily away to make storage simple.

Another feature is a lift mechanism. This mechanism can move the sewing machine into three different positions. You can also adjust it to suit your machine's particular height. All standard machine heights can be accommodated.

There is a large amount of room at the front of the design. You can comfortably sit and work with your needle in the center position. You don't need to hunch over or crane your neck to see.

The design comes with a large bin attached to the door. It also has two enclosed drawers that can be used to protect your items. There are four swivel trays that can store your thread, notions, fabric scraps, and other materials.

The design also features certain safety mechanisms. Once you're finished with a project, you can secure your equipment by placing it in the cabinet and closing the doors. An included key will lock everything inside.

This makes the cabinet a popular choice for professional sewers. If you create clothes for an indie online business, for example, you want to make sure that your items won't be stolen. The locking mechanism also protects your in-progress work from enthusiastic pets or children.

The back of the cabinet houses a quilting leaf. If you're working on large projects, you can use this leaf to secure the fabric. That way, the materials won't pull against the machine or lay on the dusty ground.

The hydraulic lift can hold the majority of home and industrial sewing machines. As long as your machine weighs less than 55 pounds, the lift can handle it.

There is also complementary storage furniture available. Anything in the Kangaroo line can work with this cabinet to create an entire professional-level workstation.

  • The heavy-duty lift can be set in three positions, while a quilting leaf keeps large fabric from pulling.
  • There is ample lockable storage to organize your entire sewing system and protect it from theft or damage.
  • Maneuvering is easy, and the caddy tucks away without a fuss when it isn't being used.
  • The price and size of the cabinet make it best for professionals, rather than very casual at-home sewers.

#4. Homfy Sewing Machine Cabinet

Homfy Sewing Machine Cabinet

This sewing cabinet is built with a table surface so you can work on your projects. It also has several shelves of storage space. Since it's mounted on wheels, you can easily move it from place to place. The brown wooden finish has a sleek touch that will suit both modern and rustic decorations.

The model is extremely versatile. You can fold the table when it's not being used, allowing for storage as a compact cabinet. It's also possible to store the model in the corner of a room and avoid wasting space.

The wheels allow you to maneuver the cabinet wherever you want it. Once you have it in the perfect position, you can lock the wheels so that the item stays in place. This helps the surface to remain stable as you work on complex projects. You won't have to deal with sliding fabric or scratches.

The model comes with an instruction manual that tells you everything you need to know for assembly. The package also includes all of the tools and hardware necessary to put the product together. Every piece is numbered, and the manual has diagrams to make assembly even easier.

You don't have to worry that assembly will be difficult. Storage is also very simple thanks to the versatile design.

The surface of the cabinet is crafted using medium-density material. It has been treated with a waterproof, non-slip coating. In addition to peace of mind about spills, you can also have peace of mind knowing there won't be accidents because your sewing machine moved.

The surface can be easily cleaned by using a damp cloth. You don't have to worry about intensive maintenance or upkeep. It is also scratch-resistant, so there's no need to fret about potential mishaps with needles.

You can use the cabinet as a sewing table, computer desk, or regular table. When the surface is folded, the cabinet can be used as a bedside table.

Organizing your things is especially easy. There are designated areas for your pins, yarn, scissors, and thread. On top of the storage shelf below the table, there are two adjustable shelves and two long trays.

One advantage of this design is that you can see all of your items at a glance. They aren't locked away behind a door or wall. If you're someone who needs to be able to see your materials to keep them organized, this is an extremely helpful design.

  • The cabinet can be positioned straight or in the corner of a room for maximum versatility.
  • There are three shelves and two long trays, all of which are easy to access.
  • The eight wheels make it easy to move from place to place, but they lock for increased stability.
  • Since the shelves and trays are open, it might not be as secure as a locking cabinet design.

#5. Kangaroo Bandicoot Sewing and Quilting Cabinet

Kangaroo Bandicoot Sewing and Quilting Cabinet

This is another sewing cabinet option in the Kangaroo series from Arrow. Like the other Kangaroo option, it's significantly more pricey than the other options on the list. But it's a great choice for serious sewers and quilters.

The model is crafted with wood. You can purchase it in teak or ash white coloring, both of which look lovely with a variety of home decor. It is also a relatively lightweight model, weighing just 43 pounds. The rolling casters let you move it from place to place without issue.

The goal of the Kangaroo line is to allow you to spend a lot of time behind your sewing machine. You can craft a sewing space that works for your exact needs. It's also more comfortable to sit and sew for hours, thanks to the ergonomic posturing.

This cabinet comes with a hydraulic lift. It will lock into three different positions, so you can move between storage, flat bed, and free arm positioning. That means that you can be much more versatile with your projects.

The surface also folds when it isn't being used. That makes the cabinet more compact, allowing you to maximize your space. When you're in the middle of a project, you can make use of the extra room. When you're not, you can use your space for other things.

One of the unique features of this product is that it is built to work with customized machine inserts. If you're a professional with a custom insert, you'll find that your work is significantly more efficient and comfortable. The surface can be adjusted to meet your exact specifications.

The lift is capable of holding the majority of modern sewing machines. It will handle weights of up to 50 pounds before the performance is hindered. Unless you have an extremely heavy sewing machine, the lift should do the trick.

The casters are industrial-quality and perfect for maneuvering. That makes this a popular choice for use in schools and textile factories. The locking design keeps the cabinet in place when it's not in use.

The cabinet leaves will cover the sewing well. When the sewing machine is in the storage position, it will be covered and protected. That makes this a good choice for people with expensive equipment that needs protection.

The cabinet door is outfitted with thread spool storage pockets. There are 10 spools on each door for a total of 20. This makes it much easier to access your thread, since you don't need to waste time setting up and organizing your spools.

There are multiple cubbies that allow you to hold your notions, fabric scraps, and other materials. You can also use the two included shelves to store your odds and ends, magazines, books, and other items.

Other furniture in the Kangaroo line can be purchased for complementary use. All of the products in this line are built to allow for easy, professional-level sewing.

  • There are 20 thread organizers, so you can easily access different threads for complicated projects.
  • There are multiple shelves and cubbies for additional organization and storage.
  • The hydraulic lift can set your sewing machine in multiple different positions, allowing for professional work.
  • It's a little bulkier than some items on the list, so it might not be good for people who need compact storage space.

#6. Albott Sewing Cabinet with Lockable Casters

Albott Sewing Cabinet with Lockable Casters

This product is built more for use as a sewing table than as a cabinet, but it still has all the features you'd want in a good cabinet. It's also one of the most affordable options on the list, making it great for hobbyists shopping on a budget.

The cabinet is crafted from wood and has lockable casters. You can purchase it in white or brown, either of which will match most home decor. The product is designed for versatility, able to be used as a sewing table, craft workstation, and storage cabinet.

The design includes a long shelf with a supportive back. You can store your magazines, papers, books, sewing kits, and other materials. There are also three hidden bins that allow for maximum organization of your smaller items. You'll never find yourself searching for your crafting tools again.

Also included with this design is an adjustable board. When you're studying or sewing or crafting, you can lift this board to increase the table's surface area. When you're not using it, this board can be folded so that the product becomes a more compact cabinet.

The metal plunger makes it easy to lift and lower the adjustable board. There is also a piece of foam that helps prevent the material from becoming scratched when it is lowered, which increases the longevity of the product.

Every model is crafted from selected wood and built for maximum durability. There are five swiveling wheels that allow you to move it from room to room. Once it's in position, use the two lockable casters to stabilize the cabinet so it doesn't move while you're working.

The simple design has a sleek, modern flair. At the same time, it has the bright and charming appeal of a piece of rustic furniture. This makes it work with a wide variety of different interior design styles.

The manufacturer has customer service representatives available to answer questions and address concerns. They typically get back to people within 24 hours.

  • The cabinet is designed for multifunctional use as a sewing table, crafting station, storage cabinet, and office desk.
  • The sturdy shelf and three storage bins allow you to organize your projects and tools.
  • The selected wood materials are highly resistant to both rust and corrosion.
  • The assembly can be a bit of a hassle, though there are instructions and all necessary tools included.

Final Thoughts

Our top choice is the Sewing Machine Table Folding Cabinet. This versatile cabinet has a massive surface area that folds in half when not in use. The L-shaped shelf allows for extra storage, while the three hidden bins let you organize all of your items. It's also a stylish and contemporary design.

If you don't mind paying a little extra, the Sauder is a great place to look. This durable cabinet comes with massive amounts of storage space including a dedicated sewing machine shelf, two adjustable shelves, and two bins. It's also mounted on wheels and has a drop leaf for extra surface space.

The best cabinet is one that fits in your space, accommodates your supplies, and makes it easier to work. As long as you know what kind of storage and dimensions you're looking for, you shouldn't have any trouble picking the best item for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a sewing cabinet?

A sewing cabinet is a piece of furniture built for people who sew. It is designed to make an accessible workspace where you can store your sewing materials, work on your projects, and comfortably complete your goals.

The term "sewing cabinet" is often used interchangeably with "sewing table." Both pieces of furniture have a surface that can be used for sewing projects. However, sewing cabinets tend to have more dedicated storage space than tables.

There are some sewing cabinets that have specialized compartments for your sewing machine. When the machine isn't used, it is locked away and protected.

2. What should I look for in a sewing cabinet?

The biggest features to consider in a sewing cabinet are the storage and the surface area.

The surface area is the amount of space you have to work with on the table. Many designs come with a folding surface that will fold in half for compact storage when not in use.

The storage is where you'll put your sewing supplies. Different designs might have shelves, cubbies, bins, trays, and other dedicated storage areas. Some might have organizers with a designated place for different tools, while others might allow you to implement your own organizational systems.

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