March 30, 2021

Sewing Scissors

Do you need a new pair of sewing scissors? Or are you putting together a sewing kit for the first time? Either way, it's important to pick the right pair. Scissors are used for a wide variety of purposes in sewing, and a good pair can make or break a project.

We've compared the industry's top sewing scissors. These are our main recommendations.

Best Sewing Scissors

#1. Livingo Premium Tailor Scissors

Livingo Premium Tailor Scissors

These scissors are our top pick by far. With thousands upon thousands of sold pairs, they're one of the most popular options for professional seamstresses and fashion designers. The stainless steel blades are capable of cutting through everything from thread to leather.

The blades have been treated with a durable titanium coating. They are rust resistant and have been heat forged, which means that they're three times stronger than typical stainless steel. This treatment process also allows for smooth cutting through different materials.

The blades are extremely sharp, and the scissors are 9.5 inches long. They have been proven to cut through up to 16 layers of fabric at a time. You don't have to worry about your scissors getting stuck because you were working with fabric that was too dense.

You can use these scissors in every aspect of sewing and adjacent hobbies. They're perfect for quilting, tailoring, dressmaking, altering, hand crafting, and cutting patterns. It's also possible to use them for basic home and office needs. Since they cut through fabric, they'll definitely cut through your paper and thin plastic products.

In addition to rust resistance, the titanium coating makes the blades resistant to adhesives like tape and glue. Other scissors tend to get stuck together if exposed to adhesives. With these, you can simply wipe any residue away without a problem. That makes them more versatile than many options.

The handle is built for maximum comfort. It has a soft and ergonomic grip that cushions your hands, so the scissors are great for people with joint issues. The grip allows you to make precise cuts for an accurate project every time.

Each product goes through an independent testing phase before it's put on the market. As such, every purchase comes with a lifetime guarantee. If you aren't satisfied with the construction, you can get the scissors repaired or replaced free of charge.

  • The durable steel has a rust-resistant and adhesive-resistant titanium coating.
  • The scissors are strong enough to cut through 16 layers of fabric at a time, so they can handle even the toughest sewing jobs.
  • The ergonomic, comfortable handle gives you maximum control and cushions your joints as you work.
  • They aren't the cheapest pair on the list, but considering their quality, they are still extremely affordable.

#2. Singer Bundle: 3 Pairs of Scissors

Singer Bundle: 3 Pairs of Scissors

If you're looking for a package that has multiple pairs of scissors optimized for different purposes, the Singer Bundle is the best place to look. You'll get a pair of 8.5-inch multipurpose scissors, thread snipping scissors, and detail scissors. They can handle every aspect of a sewer's usual work.

Each of the scissors is part of the Singer ProSeries. They are built for use by professional fashion designers and fabric manufacturers. Each is built with an appealing teal color and darker accents. The detail scissors are just 4.5 inches, small enough to do intricate work that's more difficult with a full-sized pair.

The thread cutters are 5 inches in length. As you work on your projects, you can use these scissors to cut through the loose fabric threads that you don't want. They're good for tidying up the edges of your fabric and snipping through the thread on a sewing machine.

The all-purpose scissors are good for projects like quilting and dressmaking. You can use them to shear through multiple fabric layers at once. Instead of getting stuck, the blades easily move through the thick fabrics with minimal pressure required. They're much better at handling fabric than an average pair of kitchen scissors.

Each of the blades has been tested individually. The products are all inspected by hand before they are put on the market, which helps ensure ongoing quality control.

If you're left-handed, don't worry. The versatile design can be used by both right and left-handed people.

All of the blades are crafted from tempered steel. They are resistant to rust and will cut smoothly every time, even after heavy use. The extra sharpness helps to shear through tougher layers of fabric without you needing to expend extra strength.

The rubber handles are designed with an ergonomic grip. As you open and close the scissors, the padding cushions your joints, providing comfort and preventing fatigue at the same time.

Singer is one of the most well-known sewing companies on the market. They have been making sewing supplies and accessories since 1851. Their long track record of technological innovation and superior customer service has kept them going all this time.

  • The package includes a pair of thick fabric cutters, a pair of thread cutters, and a pair of smaller blades for detail work.
  • The ProSeries line from Singer is designed for heavy-duty use by professionals.
  • The strong blades and comfortable handle allow you to cut through more fabric while expending less energy.
  • If you don't need smaller thread cutters and detail scissors, the bundle might not be worth it.

#3. Mr. Pen Fabric Scissors

Mr. Pen Fabric Scissors

These scissors are another excellent choice for anyone who needs heavy-duty fabric scissors. The practical design is capable of shearing through tough fabrics and light fabrics alike. Whether you're a professional or a beginning hobbyist, this is a solid choice.

The metal construction is super lightweight, coming in at just 5.3 ounces. At the same time, the pair is 8 inches long, with the blades themselves being 4 inches in length. They're large enough to handle large swaths of fabric without a problem.

These scissors are made from stainless steel blades that have been sharpened to their maximum potential. They can stand up to years of heavy use without losing their sharpness. The scissors might be used for activities including tailoring, sewing, quilting, pattern cutting, dressmaking, altering, and crafting.

In addition to cutting through basic fabrics like cotton and linen, the scissors can handle canvas, denim, jeans, burlap, leather, and some light cardboard. If you have a dense fabric to work with, this tool is here to help.

The design uses a classic scissors shape that's ideal for every hand size. The blades can be easily maneuvered for more complicated detail work.

Ultimately, these scissors are a great choice for anyone who needs to cut through heavy-duty fabrics. They're dependable and reliable, with blades that keep performing throughout years of professional use.

  • The sharpened stainless steel blades will maintain their sharpness for years of use, making these great for professionals.
  • The product can handle heavy-duty materials like cardboard, canvas, burlap, and leather.
  • The lightweight design helps reduce fatigue, but the blades are long enough to handle large swaths of fabric.
  • The handles don't have a rubberized or ergonomic grip, so they might not be the most comfortable.

#4. Singer 00557 ProSeries Detail Scissors

Singer 00557 ProSeries Detail Scissors

These detail scissors from Singer are the same ones included in the Singer Bundle above. If you want to get detail sewing scissors without the additional pairs, this is your best option. You'll be able to do fine detail work on the edges of fabrics, and you'll also be able to cut threads as you sew with ease.

The small blades have a length of just 4.5 inches. They are thin and precise, allowing you to make more accurate cuts than you can with a pair of typical kitchen scissors. In addition, they are outfitted with a precision nano tip to allow for additional detailing.

Like all of Singer's blades, each pair of scissors has been hand tested and inspected to make sure it passes a quality test. You don't have to worry about manufacturing defects or issues.

The rubberized handles allow for a comfortable grip. They can be used by right and left handed people, since both of the holes are the same size. While they don't have the same ergonomic padding as some models, they are comfortable enough for long term use.

The stainless steel blades are sharp enough to cut through thick fabrics. You can maneuver them precisely around the fabric to create complex outlines, waves, curves, and other designs.

  • The small blades have a precision nano tip that allows for precise maneuvering around different fabrics.
  • The tough stainless steel can cut through two layers of fabric or five sheets of paper at once.
  • The handles are coated in rubber and comfortable to use, plus they're suited to both right and left handers.
  • The Singer Bundle comes with these scissors plus two other pairs, so if you're not shopping on a budget, that one is the better bet.

#5. BIHRTC Professional 9-inch Dressmaking Scissors

BIHRTC Professional 9-inch Dressmaking Scissors

BIHRTC manufactures sewing and dressmaking scissors in multiple sizes. You can get them in 8, 9, 10, 11, or 12-inch lengths. We recommend the 9-inch for most people, since the blades are long enough to handle heavy-duty jobs but short enough for easy maneuvering.

The blades are made from durable high carbon steel. They have been sharpened and designed for a long life. The package includes protective lubricating oil, which helps the blades retain their sharpness and condition. The manufacturer recommends using the oil before you start using the blades, but you should be careful of the sharp edges.

There are several other pairs of scissors included in the package as well. These are the small 4.5-inch scissors for smaller projects, the 3.6-inch scissors for detail work, and the 4.6-inch U-shaped scissors for more complex cuts. Everything is packaged in a beautiful box that's great as a gift or as a display piece.

Since there are several pairs of scissors, this kit can handle the majority of your sewing needs. You can use the blades for curved cuts, precision detailing, heavy duty fabric, and industrial projects. The product is suitable for sewing, tailoring, crafting, dressmaking, quilting, and embroidery. Plus you can use the scissors for general office purposes.

The smallest scissors can be used in embroidery and needlework. Many larger scissors are too bulky to handle these things. The U-bend scissors make a perfect curve every time, so they're great for cutting waves and circles. You can use the embroidery tools to cut through fishing line, thread, and fabric.

In addition to cutting through paper and thin fabric, the scissors can handle denim and leather. You can use them for alterations and intricate patterns. No matter what kind of DIY needs you have around the house, one of these pairs of scissors can meet them.

The blades have a titanium coating, which increases the rust resistance. It also makes them resistant to adhesives and other sticky materials. You don't have to worry about the metal sticking together when you try to work. In addition, the design is specially weighted to be comfortable and energy-saving in your hand.

  • The kit includes heavy-duty fabric scissors, smaller detail scissors, tiny embroidery and needlework scissors, and U-bend scissors for perfect curves.
  • Also included is an oil treatment that will prolong the life of the blades.
  • The high carbon steel has been coated with titanium, so it's resistant to rust, corrosion, and adhesives.
  • The scissors are only built for use by right-handed people, so left-handed people will need to find another pair.

#6. BIHRTC Stainless Steel Stork Scissors

BIHRTC Stainless Steel Stork Scissors

This is another great option from BIHRTC. Instead of being a kit with multiple pairs of scissors, this is one pair of stork scissors. Stork scissors are miniature scissors with an angled blade, which allows you to cut through fabrics that are angled strangely. It's especially helpful for tailors and dressmakers.

The design is super colorful and eye catching. There are iridescent colors that seem to shimmer in the light. They range from pink to yellow to purple to green to blue. No matter where you look, there's a stunning color experience waiting for you.

In addition to the colors, the scissors are shaped to look like a crane. They have a creative and decorative element that can spice up your sewing kit. If you love having beautiful tools, you can use these for both practical and aesthetic purposes. And they're extremely affordable, so they're a great option for people shopping on a budget.

The tips of the blades are pointed, allowing for more precise maneuvering and perforation. Meanwhile, the edges of the stainless steel blades are extremely sharp. Stainless steel is more durable and long-lasting than the carbon steel of the previous model.

These scissors are just 3.6 inches in size, which makes them extremely portable. They're suitable for use in needlework, embroidery, sewing, crafting, and cutting thin fabrics. If you have friends who are into DIY projects, these make a great gift.

  • The design is beautiful, with a clever stork shape and iridescent rainbow colors.
  • The scissors can be used for detailed embroidery, needlework, paper cutting, and cutting thin fabrics.
  • The product is super affordable, with stainless steel blades durable enough to last for years.
  • Since the blades are so small, this isn't a good choice for cutting through heavy-duty or large fabric swaths during sewing projects.

#7. BIHRTC Pair of 2 Scissors

BIHRTC Pair of 2 Scissors

Another excellent offering from BIHRTC, this is an affordable set of two pairs of scissors. They have the same rainbow and iridescent coloring as the prior option on the list. You can also get them in solid and muted colors, but we're very fond of the rainbow shimmer.

These scissors are built for crafting. One pair has 5-inch blades, while the other has 3.6-inch blades. While they won't be able to handle heavy-duty fabrics, they can cut through thread, thin fabric, and paper patterns. You can also use them to cut yarn while knitting and crocheting.

The stainless steel blades are sharpened for maximum efficiency. The tips have also been sharpened, allowing the scissors to perforate materials and work with greater precision. Like the prior option, these scissors are both bird-themed, though they are modeled after a phoenix instead of a crane.

The lightweight design of both pairs is made to reduce fatigue. There is also an ergonomic grip that makes cutting easier. Since the edge is so sharp, you can shear through paper and thread without needing to expend much extra energy.

You can use the blades on thin fabric, needlework, embroidery, and thread trimming. They can also be used to cut paper for arts and crafts. Keep in mind, though, that the blades aren't meant to cut through thick yarn or heavy fabrics. If you're doing heavy-duty sewing projects, you'll need something more effective.

  • The colorful bird-themed scissors can be used for detailed embroidery, needlework, paper cutting, and cutting thin fabric.
  • There are two pairs of scissors included, both with ergonomic handles and sharp stainless steel blades.
  • The design is made to help you cut through thin materials more efficiently than the average embroidery scissors.
  • Neither of the pairs can handle heavy fabrics, so they aren't good for heavy-duty sewing projects.

#8. Titanium Softgrip Sewing Scissors Set

Titanium Softgrip Sewing Scissors Set

This set of 3 different scissors from BambooMN is a great choice to fulfill all of your sewing needs. It is also significantly more affordable than many other sets of multiple scissors. You can purchase the blades in multiple colors including purple, black, pink, blue, and black with red accents.

In addition, you have the option to purchase sets of these scissors in bulk. You might choose to get three or ten sets at a time. If you're a teacher who needs to outfit a classroom with art supplies, this is a great option.

Each set comes with a pair of 10-inch dressmaking scissors, 5.5-inch embroidery scissors, and 8.5-inch craft scissors. These can be used to tackle every heavy-duty and detail-oriented project you might have.

The set is built to be versatile and multi-purpose. You can use it to cut fabric, trim thread, outline photos, and cut paper. In addition, each pair of scissors can be used for basic office and home needs as well.

The blades are extremely strong. They are made with a tempered titanium fusion, which makes them three times stronger than typical stainless steel. The titanium also makes them resistant to rust and adhesives.

Each of the designs is lightweight. The handles are built with a comfortable, soft, ergonomic grip. The padding helps to reduce pressure against the joints as you cut through materials. With the combination of light weight and comfortable handling, you can use these scissors for hours without becoming fatigued.

Another great feature is that the blades are made with iridescent rainbow coloring. If you're a fan of colorful tools, these are a beautiful addition to your sewing kit. Every pair of scissors makes precise and smooth cuts.

  • The large scissors can cut through heavy-duty fabric, while the small ones can do detailed embroidery and thread work.
  • The titanium-fused blades are durable, rust-resistant, and make super smooth cuts.
  • Packs can be bought in bulk, so it's a great choice for schoolteachers looking for classroom art supplies.
  • The smallest pair of scissors might not allow for as much precision detail as some other options.

Final Thoughts

Our overall top pick is the Livingo Premium Tailor Scissors. These heavy-duty scissors are good for more than just sewing. They can handle thread cutting, fabric cutting, and even shaping leather. Professionals often use them because of the strong stainless steel construction and overall ease of use.

It's hard to beat this pair of scissors. They're capable of cutting through 16 layers of fabric at a time. In addition, the titanium coating is resistant to rust and adhesives. There is a lifetime guarantee that the scissors will perform just as well after years as they did on day one.

For professional-grade scissors that can handle the toughest fabrics, we recommend the Mr. Pen scissors. They're equipped with stainless steel blades that are sharp enough to cut through burlap, leather, and canvas. At the same time, they won't wear down with years of heavy use. Just keep in mind that they lack a rubberized handle, so they might not be super comfortable.

If you're interested in a package of several pairs of scissors, we recommend the BIHRTC Dressmaking kit. This includes a pair of heavy-duty sharp scissors, a pair of curved scissors, a pair of embroidery scissors, and a pair of smaller detail scissors. It also has a beautiful storage box and an oil treatment to prolong the blade life.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the different types of sewing scissors?

Sewing is an activity that involves a lot of different scissor needs. You have to cut thick fabric, shear through thread, and do precise detail work. There are multiple different kinds of scissors on the market, each of which has been optimized for a different use.

Dressmaker scissors are the best-known by seamstresses. If you're only adding a single pair of scissors to a sewing kit, they should be dressmakers. These blades are built to work with heavy fabrics, and they can handle the majority of other DIY projects.

Small sharpened scissors are another option. These are less bulky than dressmakers, so they're sometimes easier to wield. They're often favored by quilters and crafters. You can use them to trim threads, outline complicated shapes, and cut through thin fabric.

Embroidery scissors are another option. These small blades are made specifically for use with thin thread, needlework, and embroidery. As such, they have sharpened tips that can be used for precision maneuvering. But they aren't strong enough to cut through tough fabric like burlap or leather.

Pinking shears are a very specialized type of scissor. They're best for use with oil cloth and laminated fabric. If you don't work with these, you probably won't need them. But if you do, they make the process much easier. The shears prevent these types of fabric from fraying, and they help keep your seams clean.

Lightweight shears are a cousin to dressmaker shears. They serve many of the same purposes, but they are lighter in weight and easier to maneuver. If you have a less heavy-duty project, a pair of lightweight shears can be used longer than dressmakers without causing fatigue.

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